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Developing Situation of Biomass Energy in World

Biomass energy has many kinds like wood, solar, hydropower, etc. But, the most special one that i want to mention is biomass pellet. Featured in the easy storage, convenient transportation and wide application range, biomass pellets are the finished products of wood pellet mill.

wood pellet mill

The biomass pellets are actually originated from agricultural and forestry wastes like straw, hull, wood, shavings, sawdust, etc. Governments and scientists in the world focus the research and development on biomass energy technologies. Many countries have formulated the corresponding research and development plans like India’s green energy project, Brazil’s alcohol energy plan, America’s energy farm and Japan’s Solar Beam Plan.

For Germany government, they offer a series of legal and economic measures to support the application of biomass fuel. In April, 2000, German passed a law, which is related with the power generation of biomass energy. In Turkey, oil and natural gas are very scare. The major resource is hydropower. But, it is rich in biomass materials.

At present, the biomass energy has accounted for 52% in the total family fuel. To 2007, Foreign biomass energy technologies and equipment have realized the commercial application and reached the degree of large-scaled industrialized operation. In Sweden, the United States and Austria, high-grade energy has owned the corresponding scales. Known as a supplier of wood pellet mill, FTM has made the production for more than 30 years. Sincerely welcome you to come for site visit. Click website to get discounts!

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