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To Develop Biomass Energy With Wood Pellet Mill

Along with the shortage of global power and pollution on environment, it has become an emergent work to develop clean and renewable power. Biomass is just this power and has many states. Wood pellet mill, with the ability to turn agricultural wastes into pellets of treasures, is more and more popular in world market.

wood pellet mill

To some extent, biomass energy is solar energy, that is stored in plants by photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, biomass materials can absorb the solar energy, water in soil and carbon dioxide in air, generate the oxygen and carbohydrate. Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas are turned from biomass materials.

Compared with the fossil fuels, biomass energy has the following features. Biomass materials are widely produced and distributed. There are many using ways. Since contents of nitrogen, sulfur and ash are small in biomass energy, there is not so much dust during the burning process. Therefore, biomass energy is very clean.

Biomass material has low thermal value but may have high water content. It is not good to directly burn them. Since biomass materials are widely distributed, we need to spend a lot for collecting, transporting and preprocessing them. During the using process of biomass energy, zero discharge of carbon dioxide is the most outstanding feature.

By using biomass energy, we can effectively decrease the greenhouse warming. Wood pellet mill, as the hot product in our company, can be a good helper for you to deal those agricultural and forestry wastes like tree skin, stalk, hull or shavings, etc. Click website to download the price list!

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