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Social Background for Developing Wood Pellet Mill

Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels are the core energies in the industrial society. But, they are non-renewable and limited. According to the statistical data of International Energy Agency, coal, oil and natural gas on earth can only be used by people for 240, 40 and 50 years. Rapid development of social economy accelerates the rapid consumption of energy resources.

wood pellet mill

The rapid consumption of fossil fuel causes the problems of excessive exploitation and rising price. Meanwhile, the large-scaled application of fossil fuels makes a lot of carbon and energy be released out and destroys the existing balance. As a result, ozone sphere is destroyed and aroused the disasters like global warming and acid rain.

If there is no new energy, the 21st century will become a serious and disastrous crisis. Under the integrative international environment, China’s energy situation is very severe. By virtue of the reform and opening up, China’s economy develops quite fast. Up-growing way of economy changes from the extensive type to intensive type.

In recent years, we have explored the introduction and research on biomass molding technologies. By virtue of these technologies, we can turn the biomass wastes into fuels of treasures. These researches are fruitful. As a supplier of wood pellet mill in Henan, China, FTM China Machinery has established the world-level laboratory for studying more advanced technologies.

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