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Developing Situation of Biomass Resource in China

In the wide rural area, development and application of biomass energy are more remarkable. 80% Chinese are living in rural areas. Straw, wood and other biomass are the important fuels in rural areas. Even though farmers are also using fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, they still like to burn biomass materials.

wood pellet machine

Development and application of biomass energy technologies are important strategic tasks to improve the using efficiency of biomass energy and help farmers to get rid of poverty. On the basis to develop biomass energy and renewable energy, China will establish the industrial bases of biomass energy and improve their industrial system.

If biomass materials exert their greatest value, they will optimize the whole energy structure and make sustainable development be realized in every corner. In the aspect to develop biomass energy, China also makes the great progress. But, we need to realize that developing level of China on biomass energy is still far from that of foreign advanced countries.

At early period, China focused on developing methane gas. In recent years, we more and more value the application and development on heat gasification technique. To this, we have made a lot of progresses. Since technologies on other aspects develop slowly like alchohol production, direct-burning technology, pyrolysis and fast-growing forest planting, these progresses are not very great.

As a kind of biomass energy, biomass pellet is more and more popular in world market. Biomass pellets, being originated from agricultural and forestry wastes, are made by wood pellet mill. Click website to get more!

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