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To Heat Boiler With Pellets of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Production of biomass boiler strictly conforms to the national standard. All pressure parts are made of excellent steel materials. Before being delivered out from plant, every boiler has to experience the strict tests and inspection like hydrostatic test and X ray testing. There are several holes on boiler and they can help us to check the inner working condition of boiler.

sawdust pellet mill

The features of biomass boilers are energy conservation, environmental protection and convenient installation. Fuels used in boilers are finished products of sawdust pellet mill. Through conveyors, fuels are delivered to material bin. Then, through the spiral feeder, fuels are delivered to furnace and evenly dispersed on fire grate.

Through spiral feeders, fuels are delivered to furnace. In furnace, biomass fuels are gradually preheated, dried, fired and burned under the work of high-temperature flue gas and primary air. During this process, a lot of volatile are separated out and accelerates the burning speed.

After scouring the main heating surface of boiler, high-temperature flue gas enters into the economizer and air pre-heater, then dedusting device. At last, through the chimney, flue gas is discharged out into air. For those remained fuels, they move to the grate end and are burned. The finally-produced slag finally falls into the slag hols.

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