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Wood Pellet Press Handles Sawdust and Crop Straw

The utilization of renewable energy sources has received more and more attention, and biomass energy has been popular in many countries. Biomass energy is the forth energy resource after coal, petroleum, fuel gas. There are three types for the utilization of biomass energy: direct combustion, bio conversion technology, which can produce liquid fuels or gaseous fuel through micro-organism zymolysis; thermo-chemical conversion technology, biomass energy can be changed into fluid fuel by thermo-chemical. In most rural areas, biomass energy is used as primary energy, whose effective rate is just 10%~20%. Traditional stoves are used in rural area, so the environmental pollution is serious.

wood pellet press

According To statistics, the output of crop straw is 0.6 billion tons per year. If they can be used properly, biomass energy will be an effective way to solve energy problem. The crop straws with less density and large bulk can be compressed into compact particles and columnar. The finished biomass energy can save floor space, and realize zero-emission of CO2.

The finished biomass energy is used in traditional combustion equipment. The principal advantage is a four fold reduction in volume, and combustion efficiency is greatly increased. From the research status at home and abroad, we mainly study the wood pellets fuel and Molding and combustion technology of cornstalk is a new research field. Fote wood pellet press can finish the pelletizing of all kinds of crop straws.

Fote wood pellet press adopts taper screw cylinder, which has quickly feed rate and high output. Auxiliary engine can improve molecular structure to realize gas permeability and particle quality. If you are interested in our wood pellet press, please leave us a message.


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