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Have You Recognized the Role of Sawdust Pellet Mill?

If we directly burn biomass materials, their thermal efficiency is just 10% to 30%. While, if we use sawdust pellet mill to process biomass materials into pellets, the thermal efficiency is at least 87%. Here we can see how important the sawdust pellet mill is. At present, the cured fuels are mainly in rod, briquette or particles.

sawdust pellet mill

Ways to produce pellets in these shapes are relatively traditional. Problems like high energy consumption, serious wear and short service life generally exist. Taking the method to produce biomass particles as example, it is similar with the current way to produce fodder particles.

Raw materials are fed into ring die and suppressed by press roller. Then, particles are produced. This way needs to consume a lot of energy. During the working process of saw dust pellet machine, inner pressure can reach 100MPa. Under the high pressure, raw materials are deformed and heated.

To drive the dynamo,a lot of power is required. Then, the production of biomass pellets has high demands toward the water content in raw materials. Generally speaking, water content at 12% is the most suitable. To reach this degree, most materials need to be dried. The drying work also needs to consume a lot of power.

For the just-produced pellets, they are very hot and need to be cooled before being packaged. The cooling work is indispensable from power. Email us or tell us via website to get the latest price list and free PDF!

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