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To Solidify Biomass Material With Wood Pellet Mill

What’s the meaning to solidify biomass materials? The cured products, also called biomass pellets, are the products that we use wood pellet mill to process those agricultural and forestry wastes like stalk, hull and saw dust, etc. Under the strong pressure, agricultural wastes are suppressed into products with any size that we desire for.

wood pellet mill

The biomass pellets can be directly burned or further processed into biomass coal. At abroad, this curing technology has been mature. Countries like Denmark, German, Belgium, America and Japan have realized the commercial production. The finished products are mainly used for residential heating furnace or power boiler.

As estimated, pollutants produced by this kind of fuel are much lower than that of coal. In a word, the biomass pellets are high-efficient, clean and renewable. Compared with other ways to produce biomass energy, curing method enjoys the following advantages like simple processing technology, easy operation and strong adaption to any materials.

The biomass pellets, as the finished products of wood pellet mill and featured in the high thermal efficiency, easy storage and convenient transportation, are suitable for industrial production and large-scaled application. It is estimated that China’s GDP may reach to 5,000 billion dollars to 2020.

To certain extent, the increasing DGP is indispensable from the contribution of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. But, the increasing GDP can not bring back the green environment. At present, the annual output of agricultural straw is 0.6 billion tons. If being used as fuels, the straws can alleviate the tensing situation that we only use fossil fuels to accelerate the economic development.

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