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To Develop Pellet of Sawdust Pellet Mill for Boiler

Biomass energy is the energy that is originated from the natural plants or organic wastes in urban and rural areas. Biomass materials, which can be used as resources, mainly include straw, forestry wood, animal waste, organic living waste and waste slag, etc. By using sawdust pellet mill, we can turn biomass materials into pellets. Pellets can be used as clean fuels.

sawdust pellet mill

Ash content, being produced by the burning fuels, accounts for 1.5%. For the convenience to discharge ash, we equip the boiler end with a screw ash remover, which can realize the continuous deashing. To ensure the exhausted gas meet the national standard, we equip the boiler with dedusting device.

In general, working efficiency of biomass boiler is 80% higher. Larger the model of biomass boiler, greater the burning efficiency of fuels. The burning efficiency of biomass boiler can reach to 88.3%, which is 15% higher than traditional boiler. To improve the application of biomass pellets, FTM technicians have worked out many measures.

The first way is to increase the economic input on scientific research. To decrease the energy consumption and production cost, we need to actively develop new technologies and new machines. The second way is to export the advanced machines from foreign countries.

By taking experiences from successful cases, we need to work up with our own ways. The third way is to get the governmental support. Governmental agencies should give the corresponding subsidies to enterprises or persons who would like to do something on molding technologies. Click website to know more about saw dust pellet machine. 

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