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To Heat Boiler With Pellet of Wood Pellet Machine

At present, we have more than 50,000 industrial boilers. The annual coal consumption accounts for one third in the total amount. Hence we can see how serious the pollution is. A lot of industrial boilers are forced to use the clean energy. For agricultural and forestry materials, they are environmental-friendly and renewable.

wood pellet making machine

They are suitable to be used as boiler fuels. But, they need to be processed by wood pellet mill. The biomass pellets are easy for storage, transportation and application. The appearance of wood pellet mill injects a new power for saving fossil fuels, optimizing the national energy structure and alleviating the environmental pollution.

Limited by the supply of power and natural gas, we can not change all coal boilers into power boilers or gas boilers. While, the biomass boiler just fills the blanks. Biomass boiler is cheap and very popular in these years. Biomass fuels are the processing products of agricultural and forestry wastes like straw, rice hull stalk, wood, saw dust, peanut hull, sunflower seed hull, tree skin.

The processing machine is wood pellet making machine. In China, agricultural and forestry wastes are dispersed here and there. If being used in a recycling way, these wastes will become things of great value. Biomass pellets, also called green coal, are clean resources. As boiler fuels, biomass pellets have long burning period and cheap price.

Meanwhile, they are not harmful to environment. As said, they are the ideal alternatives of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Email us to get price, specification and PDF of wood pellet making machine. 

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