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Relation Between Boiler and Sawdust Pellet Mill

Agricultural agencies in government are always seeking for the ways to realize comprehensive use of straws. After knowing about FTM technologies, these agencies are helped to regulate the boiler policies. In China, burner price is generally at 150,000 Yuan. Many places have certain subsidy for introducing environmental-friendly boiler.

sawdust pellet mill

In general, the subsidy can set off one third cost. We only need to pay the delivering and installing parts. As a kind of boiler, biomass boiler takes the biomass pellets as fuel. Biomass boilers have many types: steam boiler, hot water boiler, hot wind boiler, oil boiler, vertical boiler and horizontal boiler.

Electricity, as a secondary fuel, is clean when we use it. But, most electricity are generated by coal. Pollution is there. What’s more, heating elements of boiler are easy to be damaged and we need to change them frequently. If water quality is bad and ions like calcium, magnesium are easy to cause scale, element for heat dissipation will be easy to be damaged.

Even though natural gas and light diesel are relatively environmental-friendly, they are still the producer of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Biomass pellets, as the finished product of sawdust pellet mill, can realize the carbon recycle, but we need to equip boiler with dedusting device.

With the production experience for more than 30 years, FTM China Machinery has its own way to make fuels be evenly dispersed on fire grate of boiler. Be at free to download the latest price list and free PDF on website!

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