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Routine Problems We May Meet When Burning Straw

What routine problems we will confront when burning straws? And how to deal them? Biomass pellets are easy to be transported. The burning pellets can not coke. Tar volatile can be fully separated out. Meanwhile, it is easy to control the cost of biomass pellets. For agricultural straws, they have low ash melting point and are easy to coke.

saw dust pellet machine

Since there are many exterior or interior factors, it is not easy to control the cost for directly burning straws. How to reduce the cost for transporting straws? To effectively lower the cost, we develop two technologies and apply for patents. If we directly package straws in bags, then one package weighs 9 kilogram.

While, if we mill the straws and package them again, then one package will weigh for 45 kilogram. To collect straw, we can use specialized machines. During the growing process, straw can absorb certain amount of metallic elements like calcium, potassium and alkali, etc. The oxides of these metallic elements can become ash after being burned.

These ash has low melting point, mostly in 800℃~900℃. Inner temperature of working boiler is generally at 1,150℃. Under so-high temperature, oxides of metallic elements are certainly melted. Along with smoke, melted liquid hits the wall of boiler and coke. If boiler wall cokes, pipes in boiler will deform and water will leak out.

When using sawdust pellet mill to process agricultural straws into biomass pellets, we will confront the problem that how to adjust the ash melting point and how to avoid the boiler from being coked. Get price list on website!

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