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How About Heating Your Boiler With Biomass Pellets?

In the case of environmental protection, biomass pellets are more outstanding than other fuels like coal, oil, natural gas or electricity power. Biomass pellets is actually a product that we use machines to crush, dry, mix and pelletize those agricultural and forestry wastes like sawdust, cotton straw, rice straw, wheat stalk, etc.

sawdust pellet mill

Jiang JunYan, the owner of a large-sized hotel in Henan, uses boiler to warm rooms. Before, he uses diesel to generate heat. Along with the large-scale use of biomass pellets, he changes to use pellets. From the financial statement on hands of Jiang, we see these data. At before, they need to pay 600 Yuan for one ton steam, which is generated by diesel.

After using biomass pellets, they only pay 300 Yuan for getting one ton steam. Basically, they have a half down. “At present, our hotels have 3 boilers, two are working while one is for prepare. In this season, it is enough for only using one. But, when winter comes, we need to use two. If it is possible, we decide to upgrade the another two boilers and make them use pellets, too.” Jiang tells us.

As a machine used to make biomass pellets, sawdust pellet mill is able to turn those agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. FTM China Machinery, with production experience for more than 30 years, is a professional and large-sized supplier of saw dust pellet machine in China. If you are interested in, leave your email here and more details will be sent to your box.

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