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One Case That FTM Knows on Ring Die Pellet Mill

Pan yingyou, who comes from Anhui, China, is the owner of large-sized farm. He owns four ring die pellet mills. As planned, he is ready to harvest wheat in next week. But, the rain in weekend puts off the plan. Except for worrying about the wheat quality, he is also afraid that the wet straw may influence the further work.

ring die pellet machine

He registered at Industry&Commerce Department in 2013. Then, he became the first farmer in Hefei, Anhui. In 2002, he owned 45 acre. But in 2015, he owns 1,200 acre. After realizing the scale development, he begins to worry about the treatment on straw. Since from the implementation to prohibit straw burning, Pan begins to sell the straw to power plant in county.

In 2016, he contracts the order of 5,000ton straw with this power plant. “it is not capable to manually bundle the 500,000 kg straw” he said. Therefore, he bought four ring die pellet machines, which can automatically pelletize straw. But, price of this machine is high. To save the cost, Pan Yingyou bought two old ones. By doing so, he can save more. 

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