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Why it is Preferable to Use Ring Die Pellet Mill?

Pan Yingyou, one of our customer, orders four ring die pellet mills from our company in this month. Why he chooses the ring die pellet mill to deal straw? Harvesting cost of every ton straw is 200 Yuan more. Government subsidy is 50 Yuan per ton. While, the selling price to power plant is 270 Yuan every ton. If we account like this, Pan Yingyou can earn 120 Yuan per ton.

ring die pellet machine

But, Pan Yingyou tells us, transporting cost of straw from farm to power plant is assumed by himself. Straw is high in volume. To transport them, Pan needs more workers and trucks. The earning money of 120 Yuan per ton can just cope with. According to the experience for many years, Pan tells us that straw power generation is break-even even though being financially supported by government.

The power plant, which works with Pan, mainly uses the biomass waste like sawdust, plate edge, tree skin, rice hull and wood timber to generate power. For biomass wastes in the last year, their amount is about 300,000 ton. Wang zhen is the purchasing manager of this power plant. He tells us that all straws are crushed and mixed with other fuels after entering plant.

“By doing so, we can improve the thermal value and stability degree of straws”, he said. Thermal value of straw is about 1,500kcal. Recycling price is 270yuan/ton. Thermal value of rice hull is 3,300kcal and recycling price is 300yuan/ton. In terms of value, purchasing price of straw is enough high.

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