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Straw Deformation in FTM Ring Die Pellet Mill

During the working process of ring die pellet machine, raw materials will experience the deformation in mould. We should not overlook this deformation. Considering the problems of large stress and strain during the actual application, we should use the elasto-plastic fem to analyze problems.

ring die pellet mill

To the plastic deformation of biomass straw, we can take straw material as the compressible continuum, simplify the problems and use the theory of plastic mechanics to analyze deformation. We can make the following assumptions on deformation. The first one is the influence of hydrostatic pressure.

According to the deforming experiment of biomass straws, hydrostatic pressure is the important factor to make them be densified. The hydrostatic pressure can make the biomass straw experience plastic deformation. During the process of plastic deformation, biomass straws are condensed and densified. To the small biomass particles, there is no remarkable change.

Even though raw materials bear the heavy pressure and become smaller, denser, their quality does not change. Theory of plastic deformation on biomass materials mainly includes the yield principle, hardening rule and flowing rule. By analyzing the problems of plastic deformation and geometric nonlinear, we introduce the following solutions like incremental method, total iterative method and combination method.

By analyzing the similarities between biomass powder, metal powder and soil, we integrate the fluid rheology in studying the pelletizing work, deepen and rich the analyzing study on molding theory. Email us or visit our website to get the price list and free PDF of ring die pellet mill!

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