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Factors for Molding Work of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Even though the molding work of biomass straw is seen to be simple, it can still be influenced by many factors. These factors make the molding work become complex. Through the feeder, raw materials are delivered to compression chamber. Under the work of press wheels, raw materials are mutually extruded, deformed and finally adhere together to be pellets.

ring die pellet machine

The establishment of geometrical model is dependent on many factors. But, in order to study problems conveniently, we properly simplify the model and set up the analysis model. According to the actual situations, we make the following assumptions. At first, we simplify the molding work into coarse contact between elastic plastic body with rigid body.

Secondly, we do not need to consider the phenomena like physical performance, agitation and chemical reaction, etc. Thirdly, we take the biomass straw as even continuum. At last, we do not consider the thermal-structural coupled calculation. How to judge the performance of ring die pellet mill? We mainly see the density and thermal value of biomass pellets.

The most important feature of biomass pellets is density, since it can directly decide the thermal value, strength and transportation performance. The important indexes to judge the physical performance of biomass pellets are generally slacking density and durability.

If biomass pellets are produced under room temperature, their physical performance will be influenced by size of raw material, extrusive ways, molding pressure, water content in raw material, geometric shape of mold, etc. Click website to get the price list and free PDF of ring die pellet mill.

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