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Condensing Ways of Biomass Briquetting Machine

Biomass molding way is classified into two ways, according to the existence of plug. Open molding means that raw materials are continuously delivered and compressed in mold without plug. This process is continuous and capable to overcome the frictional resistance between raw materials and mold.

biomass briquetting machine

During the working process of biomass briquetting machine, newly-delivered materials can influence the pressing effect of preceding materials. Molding resistance is mainly originated from the frictional resistance and deforming resistance between mold wall and raw materials.

Since there is no plug in open mold, molding resistance is quite different from that in closed mold. Closed molding means that raw materials are suppressed in the mold with closed plug. When the density of raw materials reaches to certain degree, we take them out and package them. This process is not continuous and we need to interfere.

Every process is in parallel and not interfere. Molding resistance of closed mold is mainly originated from the frictional resistance between mold wall and raw materials, deforming resistance and mutual movement between plug and raw materials. At present, technological studies on open molding are all for exploring the condensing and molding rules of general projects.

Open molding is different from the closed molding. But, both of them are useful to further develop the molding technologies. Interested in the price of biomass briquette machine? Click website to get the latest price list!

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