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Molding Pressure for Work of Ring Die Pellet Mill

Molding pressure is one of the key factor for work of ring die pellet mill. Molding pressure can not only influence the output of ring die pellet machine, but also influence the pellet quality. Therefore, it is important to control the pressure on raw materials. If pressure is small, biomass pellets will have poor density and coarse surface.

ring die pellet machine

On the contrary, the little pressure can not overcome the frictional resistance between raw materials and mold. Molding work of ring die pellet machine will be unavailable. If pressure is suitable, materials will be easy to be extruded and deformed. What’s more, biomass pellets will have smooth surface and high density.

If pressure is larger, biomass pellets will have low density, poor strength and low thermal value. Except for the molding pressure, work of ring die pellet machine can also be influenced by technological parameters like dynamo power, draw ratio, aperture ratio and working distance between ring die and press roller.

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