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Distance Parameter of FTM Ring Die Pellet Mill

As a supplier of ring die pellet machine in Henan, FTM China Machinery sincerely welcomes you to come for site visit and inspection. For people who have touched with ring die pellet machine, they must know the importance of distance between press roller and ring die. Then, this paper will discuss about it.

ring die pellet machine

If distance between press roller and ring dies is too large, raw materials will slip between press roller and ring die and are hard to be suppressed. More seriously, working efficiency is low. If distance is too small, frictional force between press roller and ring die will increase and ring die will be easy to be damaged. In addition, you have to pay lot for repair.

In general, we should make the distance between press roller and ring die as small as possible when ring die pellet mill begins to work. By doing so, we can make raw materials be fully pressed by ring die. When ring die pellet machine works for a certain period, we can widen the distance and improve the output.

Learned from the biochemistry, we know that plant cell is consisted of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and resin, etc. Service is the part of product and competitive strength of enterprises. FTM China Machinery always holds the service standard that users’ demand is the orientation to implement the service management, users’ satisfaction is goal to carry out the brand service.

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