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Draw Ratio of Ring Die in Ring Die Pellet Machine

Ring die pellet mill, also named as ring die pellet machine, is able to turn agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. Draw ratio of ring die means the division between effective length of ring die and hole diameter. Under the premise to select the excellent ring die, we can select the suitable type of die hole and draw ratio of ring die according to the formula of biomass materials and finished products.

ring die pellet mill

Longer the draw ratio of ring die, greater the finished products of ring die pellet mill. But, energy consumption and cost are high. If draw ratio is small, output can increase and wear between press roller and ring die can decrease. Additively, energy consumption is small. But, the finished products are poor and low-grade. Usually, we adjust the draw ratio according to the demands toward quality of biomass pellets.

Aperture ratio of ring die can influence the strength of ring die and output of ring die pellet mill. Smaller the aperture ratio, lower the output. In addition, the strength of ring die is high. While, if aperture ratio is large, strength of ring die is small. But, output is high. It is quite important to adjust the distance between press roller and ring die. Too-small or too-large distance both can influence the working efficiency of ring die pellet machine.

Therefore, it is of significant importance to rightly adjust the distance between ring die and press roller. In general, distance from 1mm to 5mm is OK. Click website to download the price list!

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