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Factor of Water Content for Ring Die Pellet Mill

To the ordinary work of ring die pellet mill, water content in raw materials is generally from 10% to 20%. If water content is too high or too slow, work of ring die pellet machine will fall flat. If water content in raw material is too low, materials will be quite dry. Abrasive force between materials and molder will increase.

ring die pellet machine

Even though temperature rises and lignin is softened, too-small water content can still make the work of ring die pellet mill difficult. More seriously, a lot of compressing energy will be consumed. If water content in raw material is too high, heat produced by the strong abrasion will soften and bond lignin together.

But, most part of heat is used to evaporate water. So, a lot of heat will be lost. If water content in raw materials is too high, biomass pellets will have larger slacking ratio and coarse surface. With the production experience for more than 30 years, FTM China Machinery is almost called as the NO.1 brand of China Heavy Machinery.

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