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Molding Mechanism of Ring Die Pellet Machine

Since situations like contact are indefinite during the deforming process, fluid formulation is not suitable. Material attribute of biomass is different from that of metals. Solid formulation is set up for metal materials. Metal material belongs to the one-phase media while biomass straw belongs to the multi-phase media.

ring die pellet machine

Molding mechanism of biomass straw is more complex than that of ordinary metal materials. In aspect of static pressure, biomass straw can not only experience the flexible deformation, but also plastic deformation. While, metal materials can only experience the flexible deformation. If ring die pellet mill is loaded, biomass straw will slip, roll, run or be crushed.

Due to the characteristics of biomass straws, they are remarkably deformed during the working process of ring die pellet mill. Since this deformation belongs to the geometrically nonlinear, we can study it by taking finite element method. Deformation of biomass straw can be rightly and reasonably explained by large deformation elastoplastic finite element theory.

By taking the large deformation elastoplastic finite element theory, we can make the theoretical analysis on compression and deformation of biomass straw, then setup the equation and solve all nonlinear problems. Geometrical nonlinear problem is mainly classified into two types: large strain and large displacement, large strain and small displacement.

Textures and geometric equation of former one are both non-linear. Molding work of biomass straw belongs to the former one. According to the conditions of geometrically nonlinear, we can study from large deformation theory. Click website to download the latest price list and PDF of ring die pellet mill!

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