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FTM Efforts in Developing Straw Pellet Machine

Institute for Energy Research in Henan and FTM China Machinery work together and produce the straw pellet machine. By changing the factors like water content in raw materials, size of raw materials and molding pressure, we make the molding experiments with corn straw as raw materials. Through the comparison on results, we can find the optimum value of factors.

straw pellet mill

Through the study on molding mechanism of biomass straw, we can find out the major factors which can influence the working efficiency. All these factors are important theoretical basis for designing straw pellet machine. As the NO.1 brand of China mining machinery and biomass briquetting machine, FTM China Machinery has early recognized its social responsibility to manage things honestly and orderly.

On the way to develop the straw pellet mill, FTM stays awake before the temptations and interests, never does the impractical propaganda and treats every thing with the practical attitude. For some counterparts, they overlook the importance of reputation and urgently pursue the transient interests.

If things go on like this, they will be suffered a lot in the near future. All in all, the reputation is the long-term support of straw pellet machine to stand still in the seriously competitive market. Interested in the price of straw pellet mill? You can click our website to download it. Besides, to give you a greater discount, we prepare the message board on website. You can get a discount if you leave your project background like material size, contact infos on board.

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