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What Are the Key Parts in Ring Die Pellet Mill?

Ring die pellet mill, also named as ring die pellet machine, is mainly used to turn agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. What are the key parts in ring die pellet mill? Now let’s explore them one by one! Transmission way of ring die pellet mill is dependent on the belt.

ring die pellet mill

Belt transmission plays the role of overload protection and vibration absorption. Since feeding work sometimes is not even, load on ring die pellet mill changes greatly and frequently. While, the belt transmission can weaken the effect of overload and protect the ring die pellet mill.

Core parts of ring die pellet mill are feeder and discharging chamber. At present, feeder and transmission in discharging chamber are detached. Actually, there are two axle. Transmission device is driven by the spindle while feeder is driven by another axis. So, the structure of ring die pellet machine is complex.

Discharging chamber adopts two press wheels. Two wheels are placed symmetrically with main axle as center line. By virtue of this structure, raw materials can be timely and evenly delivered into groove. What’s more, output can increase. After every period of revolution, press roller can suppress the materials in groove into die hole.

Along with the continuous feeding of raw materials and under the work of press wheels, raw materials are continuously fed into die holes. After passing through the die holes, raw materials become the biomass pellets. Leave your email here to get the latest price!

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