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Molding Technology of Biomass Briquetting Machine

Condensing molding technology of biomass straw has various types. We can classify this technology into two ways: wet forming and dry forming. This classification is based on the pre-treatment on raw materials. According to the heating work on raw materials, we can classify the molding technology into hot briquetting and room temperature briquetting.

biomass briquetting machine

In terms of the current situation, we are likely to use the hot briquetting and room temperature briquetting molding ways. Room temperature molding refers to the work of biomass briquette machine under room temperature. Under the situations of proper water in raw materials and appropriate pressure, frictional heat between raw materials and mold is produced and make lignin in raw materials be softened.

The softened lignin can bond materials together. So, biomass briquettes are produced. Hot briquetting mainly includes the three processes: crushing work, heating work and suppressing work. This briquetting way has two types: non-preheating briquetting and preheating briquetting.

Non-preheating briquetting technology means to heat the outside of mold. Through the mold, heat is transferred to raw materials. Preheating briquetting technology means that raw materials are preheated before entering into the mold. At present, biomass briquetting machine has many shortcomings like poor adaption to raw materials and high energy consumption.

We need to make continuous optimization and upgrades on technological parameters and structure. Want to know more about biomass briquetting machine? Email us to get the latest news and price!

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