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Significant Importance of Wood Pellet Mill

China, not only a populous nation, is also a consumption power. Due to the rapid development of industries, energy demand increases continuously. Under the high consumption of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas, environment is endangered. We not only confront the pressure for economic growth, but also the pressure for environment protection.

wood pellet mill

To alleviate the energy tension and environmental pollution caused by the plentiful use of fossil fuels, we think it is necessary to develop and use new and renewable energy. If new resources are developed, energy structure dominated by coal and oil will be improved. Besides, the development of new biomass energy is of significant importance for sustainable economy.

In conclusion, the powerful development of biomass energy is meaningful. Due to the features of poor density and wide dispersibility, biomass energy is hard to be used in large-scale and efficiently. And, that is the reason why we can not turn the biomass energy into commercial energy at early periods.

Among technologies for dealing in biomass materials, dense-compression molding technology is the most important. This technology works in mechanical way and suppress all kinds of dispersed straws into pellets. Biomass pellets, with regular size and shape, can be used as feeds or fuels. So far, this technology is the most popular one among the world to take use of straw wastes.

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