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Home Efforts on Developing Wood Pellet Machine

What efforts we have made on developing wood pellet mill? Here are the answers. Zhao dong used the computer to simulate the molding technology. Through the ANSYS, he analyzed the condition when biomass materials extruded raw materials, got the relationship between frictional force and displacement, confirmed the flowing rule of materials in mold and strain distribution of mold, explored the influence of mold taper and frictional coefficient on pellet quality.

wood pellet machine

Hui Caijuan analyzed the influence of pellet quality on water resistance, concluded the relationship between molding pressure and loading capacity of forming briquettes. By applying the nonlinear elastoplastic theory, she set up the constitutive equations and made the further study on molding technologies.

Sheng kuichuan made the molding experiment with cotton straw. This experiment proved that three factors of pressure, size and temperature could influence the density of slacked pellets. Under the similar conditions of primary density and pressure, slacking ratio of pellets is much greater in normal temperature than that in high temperature.

If primary density and temperature are similar, greater the pressure means the lower slacking ratio. En he made the study on ring die wood pellet mill and introduced its working principle. Meanwhile, she studied the influence of pore ratio and revolving speed of ring die, diameters of press roller and ring die on forming ratio and pressure as well as pellet quality.

She gave out the relationships between revolving speed of ring die and forming ratio, length of die hole and pellet density, forming pressure and pellet density. Download the price list and free PDF from website!

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