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Study on Compression Work of Wood Pellet Mill

With corn straws as raw materials, this paper studies the influence of moisture content of raw materials, working pressure and size of raw materials for compression work as well as confirms the best working condition of compression work. By studying the compression mechanism of biomass straw, we get the important theoretical basis for designing the pelletizing machines, optimizing the technological parameters and improving the structure.

wood pellet mill

In recent years, every country is committed to developing the high-efficient and pollution-free energy and biomass energy is one of them. Some specialists estimate that biomass energy will be the key component of future energy. From 2015 to 2020, the global energy consumption will have 40% come from biomass energy.

Biomass energy is a huge renewable energy depot on earth. It is very great in reserve. Besides, it enjoys the features like renewability, easy combustion and free pollution. Amount of carbon dioxide being absorbed from photosynthesis is equivalent to that being discharged from burning fuels. We can consider that carbon dioxide is zero-discharge.

Biomass energy, also called green energy, is a kind of archaic and renewable energy. After radiating to the earth, a part of solar energy can directly discharge and turn into heat energy. For another part, it is absorbed by the plants and turn into the biomass energy.

When solar energy turns into heat energy, energy density is relatively low and not easy to be collected. Through the photosynthesis, biomass energy can absorb a lot of solar energy and store them in organic matters. These energy are the base and source for further development. Click website to see price list of wood pellet mill

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