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Biomass Fuels Produced by Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet mill, also named as wood granulation machine, is more and more popular in these years since it can turn those agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. The biomass pellets can be used as heating source for coal boilers. 

wood pellet machine

From the feeding mouth, biomass fuels are evenly spread on the fire grate. After firing them, we can turn on the induced draft fun. Flames are downward. Rapidly, high-temperature zone is formed and creates conditions for the continuous and stable ignition. 

Fuels, which have been burned out or not with size smaller than the distance of upper fire grate, are burning and dropping under the roles of induced draft fun or gravity. They drop on the heat suspended grate. A short moment later, they drop again and finally on the lower fire grate.

Pellets, which are not burned out, continuously burn. For those burned-out ones, they drop on the lower fire grate and finally are discharged out to the ash hopper. When ash are stored to certain height, we can open the wedge disk and make them out. During the dropping process of pellets, secondary air distribution outlet supply certain oxygen for suspension combustion.

Oxygen, offered by the tertiary air distribution outlet, can accelerate the burning of pellets on lower fire grate. Through the outlet, smoke moves to the convection heating surface. Smoke dust, with large particles inside, moves upward through clapboard and finally heads to the ash hopper under inertia force. Email us to get more of wood pellet mill!

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