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Suggestions of FTM Technicians for Pellet Production

Since water content, hardness and tenacity of corn straw are not similar with wheat straw, corn straws are easy to slip off from the tilt of chain conveyor. Since wheat straws can not be successfully conveyed at tilt place, FTM technicians designs the conveying system in all-flat way.

wood pellet machine

During the packaging and conveying processes, corn straws may have certain mechanical wear. More seriously, corn straws are casually dispersed on chain conveyor. In order to make the further design perform well, FTM Technicians suggest that relevant agencies should equip the conveying system with recycling device for dispersed materials.

Since corn straws have water content inside, they may be mildewed if stored in bin for long period. As a result, you need to take more fuel loss. For this, FTM technicians suggest you to take a full consideration on the air-exhausting system and air-ventilating system when designing another storage bin.

Dust pollution of supplementary feeding system is relatively serious. FTM technicians advise you to highly value the dust-removal and dust-prevention work. In power plant, conveying work of fuel is an important part. Since coal and straw have great difference in physical features and we do not have many practical cases to refer, works that FTM technicians do are ground-breaking.

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