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Environmental Benefits of FTM Wood Pellet Mill

What are the biomass pellets? Actually, they are the finished products of wood pellet mill. Environmental benefits of biomass fuels are mainly reflected in the following aspects. Biomass fuels, which can take the places of natural fossils like coal, oil and natural gas, can reduce the discharging amount of gas pollutants and improve the air environment quality.

wood pellet mill

In terms of the straw, the annual output of agricultural straw in China is about 706 million ton. In Henan, the annual output is about 7 million ton, which is one tenth of 706 million ton. If these agricultural straws are naturally decayed, a lot of methane will be produced. It is believed that the green-house effect of methane is 21 times of carbon dioxide.

If we take the agricultural wastes as fuels, benefits like turning wastes into fuels of great value, saving energy, reducing the green-house gas and protecting environment will be able to be realized. Enterprises, which use the biomass pellets, are very attractive to countries. They integrate the advantages like turning wastes into wealth, using local materials and in-site production together.

One company in Henan only uses the biomass fuels as heating source for boilers. If we burn the biomass fuels for heating boilers, there will be no carbon dioxide and nitride. And, the discharging amount of sulfur dioxide is smaller than 33.6mg/m3 and dust emission is smaller than 46mg/m3.

Solid wastes of boiler are ashes, which can be recycled as potash fertilizer. Interested in the price of wood pellet mill? click website to download the price list and PDF.

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