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Role of Wood Pellet Mill for Making Biomass Energy

By virtue of the unique forming process, biomass energy is different from the conventional mineral resource, but also from other resources. While, it integrates the advantages of all resources together. Oil and coal are both the products that biomass changes in underground for a long period.

wood pellet mill

By using the wood pellet machine, we can process the agricultural materials into high-grade biomass pellets with high thermal value and less pollution. Biomass pellets, which can take the places of coal and natural gas, can alleviate the resource tension to certain degree. 

As an agricultural power, biomass resource is very rich and can take the place of natural resources like coal, oil and natural gas. Wood pellet mill, also named as wood pellet machine, is able to process materials like branches, saw dust, wood shavings, wood residue, corn straw, cotton straw, rice hull, waste residue in brewery, food and paper mill, urban garbage, organic waste water, municipal sewage and industrial organic wastewater, etc.

At present, available biomass energy mainly includes the agricultural straw, livestock manure, urban sewage, industrial organic wastewater and household refuses, etc. According to the incomplete statistics, animal manure is about 3,920 million tons. For heavy equipment, its quality is of great importance.

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