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How Wood Pellets are Burned Out in Furnace?

Along with the strong appeal for clean environment and sustainable development, more and more agricultural wastes are processed by the amazing wood pellet mill. With the ability to turn wastes into biomass pellets of great value, wood pellet mill is more and more popular in these years.

wood pellet mill

Wood pellet mill enjoys the features of high automatic degree, low labor strength, simple operation and easy maintenance. This paper does not discuss about the wood pellet machine, but the wood pellets. Then, what are the features when wood pellets are burned out? At first, high-temperature zone can be rapidly formed.

Smoke stays in the high-temp furnace for a long period. After more and more oxygen are input, pellets in furnace are gradually burned out. High thermal efficiency of fuels can deal the heavy dust fundamentally. Boiler, being equipped for furnace, do not need the chimney since the original concentration of dust is low.

Pellets can burn continuously and stably. The whole burning work is not affected by the fuel addition or fire poke. Application ranges of biomass pellet are quite wide. They are not easy to be caked during the using process. Since we adopt the gas-solid phase-split combustion technology, there are some other advantages for burning biomass pellets.

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