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Turning Wastes Into Wealth With Wood Pellet Mill

Agricultural straw, as the important part of biomass, is the fourth largest resource which is just followed by the coal, oil and natural gas. Relevant study of International Energy Agency shows that agricultural straw is a kind of good clean and renewable energy. Thermal value of every two ton straw is equivalent to one ton coal. Besides, the average sulfur content is only 3.8%.

wood pellet mill

At first, volatile content in agricultural straw is very high. Content of fixed carbon is low. In general, volatile content of coal is at about 20% and fixed carbon is at about 60%. Biomass, especially for straw, has 20% fixed carbon and 70% volatile content. Oxygen content in biomass material is very high. A lot of Co are produced during the distilling process.

Ash content in lignin biomass is very low, only about 1% to 3%. Ash content in straw materials is a bit more. Thermal value of biomass is smaller than that of coal. Sulfur content in biomass is very low. For some biomass, they even do not have sulfur inside. Bulk density of biomass is small.

Judging from the present condition, we classify the combustion technology of biomass fuel into three kinds: materialization technology, biochemistry technology and direct combustion. Bioelectrogenesis belongs to the direct combustion technology. With strict control on product quality, FTM China Machinery always regards the quality as the base for long-term development.

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