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Burning Work of Biomass Pellets for Furnaces

Biomass pellets, as the finished products of wood pellet mill, can be used as feeds or fuels. Many power plants use biomass pellets as heating source for boilers. Then, we will discuss about the burning work of biomass pellets. Volatiles of biomass pellets, being delivered into gas-phase combustion chamber from high-temp pyrolysis chamber, are mostly the hydrocarbon.

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They are suitable to the low-oxygen combustion or negative-oxygen combustion. During the combustion process, there is no black dust and can effectively restrain the production of heating power NO. During the pyrolysis process, pellets are in anaerobic condition. This process can effectively prevent the nitrogen from turning into poisonous nitrogen oxide.

Burning pollutants of biomass pellet are little air pollutants and comprehensive solid wastes. Cellulose content is very high in biomass fuel, about 70%. Sulfur content of biomass fuel is much less than that of coal. Biomass fuel is very high in density, easy for storage and transportation. There are many kinds of biomass fuels and their application ranges are quite wide.

Thermal value of biomass pellet is equivalent to that of intermediate coal. Burning speed of biomass pellet is about 11% higher than that of coal. They are burned sufficiently and cleanly without much smoke and high ash. If you equip the boiler with specially-suited de-dust device, there will be no air pollutant. 

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