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Role of Wood Pellet Mill for Biomass Power Plant

In China, most agricultural straws are used for cooking, heating or even directly burned out in fields. In a word, they are used inefficiently and transfer efficiency is only about 10% to 20%. If straws are processed in the above ways, a lot of potential resources will be wasted. There is no economic value.

wood pellet machine

Besides, the poisonous matters like carbon dioxide, which are produced when we burn straws, can seriously pollute the air or even cause fire. Sometimes, the heavy smoke can make the flight or expressway be delayed or closed. The social damage is immeasurable.

By using wood pellet mill, we can turn the agricultural wastes into biomass pellets of great value. These biomass pellets can be used as heating source for power plant. By setting up the biomass power plant, we can turn the straw heat into electric power, explore newly-type way to use biomass and protect the environment from being polluted by the poisonous matters.

Sometimes, we can equip the biomass power plants with smoke treatment system and bag filter. Discharging amount of smoke, which is processed by bag filter, is smaller than 25mg/m3 and much lower than the standard. Here, i give you a general introduction to the fuel deliverying system of power plant.

Fuels are the processed corn straw and wheat straw. Auxiliary fuels are processed rice hull and wood chip. Every hour, the straw consumption is 28 ton. Want to know the price of wood pellet mill? Click website to download the price and PDF.

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