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Study on Pellet-making Technology of Wood Pellet Mill

Energy and environment have become the worldwide concerns. Along with the rapid increase of energy consumption, heavy use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas brings two serious harms on human beings. On one aspect, mineral resources are in gradual shortage. On the other aspect, environmental problem is more and more serious.

wood pellet mill

Biomass energy, as a kind of renewable energy, enjoys the advantage of free pollution. It is a good alternative of fossil fuels. Powerful development and application of biomass energy are of significant importance for protecting environment, stimulating the economic development and establishing the sustainable energy system.

Purposes of this paper are for studying the biomass solidifying technology and offering technological support for high-efficient use of straws. This paper discusses about the structure of ring die wood pellet mill and proposes the major technological parameters that can influence the working efficiency.

These parameters include the motor power, draw ratio of ring die, aperture ratio of ring die and working distance between press roller and ring die. With the help of finite element software, we set up the straw compression model, simulate the compression process and get the stress strain law and friction stress distribution.

All these efforts offer the necessary theoretical basis for compressing biomass straws. Quality oriented, product will be excellent. As a large-sized supplier of wood pellet mill in Henan, China, FTM China Machinery has made the production for more than 30 years. Click website to get the price list and PDF.

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