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Role of Wood Granulation Machine for Coal Boilers

Wood pellet mill, also named as wood pellet machine, is able to recycle those agricultural and forestry wastes like saw dust, straw, corncob and rice hull, etc. Biomass pellets, as the finished product of wood pellet machine, can be used as fuels or fodders. In most cities around the world, there are many coal boilers.

wood pellet machine

Part of them are located in the city or surround the city. Coals they are using now are mostly inferior, with a lot of sulfur inside. Since boilers do not have desulphurization device inside, heavy smoke and sulfur are produced and directly influence the air quality of city and surrounded suburbs.

To this end, many cities cancel the urban coal boiler and appeal for the usage of natural gas and electricity. While, since the natural gas is in limit and electricity price is high, the application of two clean energies is not very popular. Increasing demands stimulate the technological development. Vise versa.

By using the clean and limitless biomass fuels to replace coal, we do not need to worry about the negative influence of urban boiler. Since the structure of most boiler is not suitable to use the biomass pellets, FTM technicians work with the famous institutions in Germany and produce many customized wood pellet mills.

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