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Ways for Simultaneous Dynamo of Wood Pellet Mill

Dynamo to a machine is just like the heart to a man. Here, you can clearly see how important the dynamo is for wood pellet machine. Wood pellet mill, also named wood granulation machine, is no-doubt a good machinery for you to deal those agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value!

wood pellet mill

Solutions to solve the simultaneous problem have two kinds: electric synchronization control and mechanical synchronization control. To solve the synchronization of two ordinary dynamos, we can use the way of electrical synchronization control. There are many ways that can be used to adjust the speed of common induction motor like variable voltage control, chopping speed regulation, rotor series resistance speed, cascade speed control and frequency control, etc.

If revolving speed of rotating magnetic field does not change, ways to adjust the slip will include the variable voltage control, chopping speed regulation and rotor series resistance speed. These ways all belong to the low-efficiency speed control system. While, pole-changing control and frequency control are high-efficient ways to adjust speed.

As for the cascade speed control, it is actually a way to adjust the slipping speed since the revolving speed of motors rotating magnetic field does not change. Since the cascade speed control can recycle the slip power and reduce the actual loss of system, it becomes a high-efficient speed-control way from the primary low-efficient speed-control way.

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