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Surface Kinds of Press Roller in Wood Pellet Mill

Press roller of wood pellet machine is mainly made of eccentric shaft, roller shell and rolling bearing. The role of press roller is to suppress raw materials into die holes for pellet production. Linear speeds of ring die is basically similar with that of press roller. While, diameter of press roller is small, so wearing rate is higher than ring die.

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If you change the roller and die at same time, hardness of press roller will be 5-6HRC higher than that of ring die. Based on that, press rollers are generally made of high carbon alloy. To suppress raw materials into die hole, certain abrasive force must exist between press roller and raw materials.

To prevent the press roller from slipping off, we make the press roller with surface in different coarse degree. Draw-bench roller surface is one of the most common at present. Its skid resistance is very strong, but raw materials still probably move to one side. If we make the draw-bench slot with enclosed ends, chance to slid will be reduced.

If we fill the slot with raw materials, fractional coefficient of surface will be relatively small and materials will not be easy to slide aside. To increase the frictional force and prevent materials from sliding away, we design the roller surface with narrow slot on it.  Want to know more about wood pellet mill? Please leave your email on our website, then we can frequently sent you more advanced and new information related with agro industry. See price on our website!

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