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Measures for Efficient Work of Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill, also called wood granulation machine, is able to turn agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value. By virtue of the superior features, wood pellet mill is more and more popular among the agro industry. To realize the high working efficiency and exert the greatest value of wood pellet machine, we have many measures to take!

wood pellet mill

By widening the effective working area of press roller and strengthening the roles, we can make the wood pellet mill work more and more efficiently and save the cost for repairing wear and maintaining work. Raw materials can evenly pass through the pelletizing procedure and be well protected from being excessively suppressed.

Under the same modulating temperature and durable indexes, wood pellet mill with large-diameter ring die and press roller is more energy-conserving that that with small ring die and press roller. The size of wood pellet mill decides the diameter of press roller. For two wood pellet mills with 100mm diameter distance in ring die and 80mm diameter difference in press roller, they work in same environment.

10 hours later, output of wood pellet mill with larger press roller and ring die is 65% higher than that with smaller ones. The energy consumption is 15% smaller. Therefore, we can clearly see that larger the size of wood pellet mill means the lower relative cost. Diameter of ring die is of linear relationship with its service life. Larger the diameter, higher the service life.

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