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Designing Work on Ring Die of Wood Pellet Mill

When designing the revolving speed of ring die in wood pellet mill, we need to consider four questions. One is the output. The output is not directly related with the revolving speed of ring die, but the highest output is based on the most suitable revolving speed. The second question is pelletizing ratio. If revolving speed is too high, pellets produced are easy to be cracked.

wood pellet machine

If forming ratio is small, there is no need to talk about the output. Different raw materials correspond with different revolving speed of ring die. There is a premise that to produce the high-quality pellets. The last question is internal diameter of ring die. During the working process, centrifugal force is produced.

Higher the revolving speed, greater the centrifugal force. High centrifugal force can influence the working stability of wood pellet machine. Here comes the conclusion. Revolving speed of ring die is confirmed by the linear speed at the inner diameter. According to the production experience, linear speed should be high if diameter of ring die is small. Vice versa.

Linear speed of ring die can influence the pelletizing efficiency and energy consumption of wood pellet machine as well as the pellet quality. Within certain scope, higher the linear speed, greater the output. In general, if diameter of die hole is in the scope from 3.2mm to 6.4mm, the highest linear speed of press roller can reach to 10.2m/s.

If diameter of die hole changes from 16mm to 19mm, the highest linear speed should be controlled at the scope from 6.1m/s to 6.6m/s. Down PDF from website!

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