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Two Questions on Press Roller of Wood Pellet Mill

What materials can make the press roller of wood pellet machine and how many kinds of press roller? This paper will give you the answers. Chromium roller sometimes is called as stainless roller. Carbon content in chromium roller is at about 0.5%. This kind of press roller can avoid the point corrosion, but its wear resistance and tenacity are poorer than other kinds.

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Their surface hardness is not good, but its core hardness is the best than that of others. By observing the standard chromium roller with microscope, we can see the structure from surface to core are very even. Chromium roller enjoys the good corrosion resistance. Even though some materials can corrode, they can not do anything on chromium roller.

For the stainless roller of wood pellet mill, it is a relatively good product. The stainless roller has similar surface as alloy roller. What’s more, since the carbonized layer contains a lot of chromium, wear resistance of stainless roller is very strong. But similar like the carburised alloy, hardness from surface to core part gradually decreases.

Through the microscope, we can see a lot of sports on the chromium carbide, which are collected on the surface of roller. These hard particles are distributed on the whole carburized layer and can improve the wear resistance of press roller. Since this kind of press roller has good wear resistance, it can be used for many times. You can save a lot by using it.

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