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Tenacity of Press Roller for Wood Pellet Mill

Do you know the importance of tenacity for press rollers? Yeah, it is very important, since it can influence the service life and working performance. During the working process of wood pellet mill, press roller needs to bear greater pressure. This pressure can cause the immediate damage of press roller and ring die.

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If wood pellet machine works for a longer period than required, press roller will be suffered by the fatigue damage. Factors like texture of press roller, heat treatment and hole number all can decide the tenacity of press roller. If metal structure does not change, we can improve the wear resistance of press roller just by improving the hardness.

But, by doing so, we can lower the tenacity of press roller. To realize the improvement but not influence other features, we need to control the hardness increase at limited scope. If metal structure of press roller is poor, wear resistance will become poor, too. So it is for tenacity. Press roller are easy to have cracks if being lightly pressed.

If we make the press roller with poor textures but want to improve the output by increasing the hole number, this way is hard to be realized. The number increase can probably cause the cracks. For some textures of press roller, they need to have smaller die holes to ensure the allowed tenacity and strength.

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