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Devices and Classification of Wood Pellet Mill

Devices used to suppress agricultural and forestry wastes into biomass pellets of great value include many like wood pellet mill, modulator, ager, dryer, cooler, crusher, grading screen and bin activator. According to the ranges you want to use the biomass pellets, you can equip the wood pellet machine with specialized devices.

wood pellet machine

In 1910, Sizer company in England produces the first wood pellet mill. Until now, technologies for manufacturing the wood pellet machine and theories on pelletizing work develop rapidly. By using the wood pellet machine, you can produce the biomass feeds, which are more and more used today.

At present, the wood granulation machine has two basic kinds: flat die wood pellet mill and ring die wood pellet mill. According to the moving features, you can classify the wood pellet mill into two types: vibration-model wood pellet mill and action-roller wood pellet mill.

For the ring die wood pellet mill, it is made up of feeder, modulator, pellet maker, adjusting device and lubricating system. Feeder is composed of Electro-magnetic speed-adjustable motors, reducer, coupling, hank dragon shaft and hank dragon hull. For the adjustable-speed motor, it is made up of inverter-fed motor and reducer.

By using the converter, we can control the speed-adjustable motors and change the output revolving speed. As to the feeding augur, it is composed of augur hull, augur shaft and bearings. Want to know more about wood pellet mill? Leave what you want to know on our website, then our on-line engineers will give you answers.

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