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Before and After the Feeding of Sawdust Pellet Mill

Before the feeding work of sawdust pellet mill, you should make a test run and check all parts whether normal or not. Feeding work should be at even, so density of pellets can be consistent. According to the temperature and humidity of finished pellets, you should properly adjust the working speed of discharging belt.

sawdust pellet mill

If temperature and humidity are high in pellets, you should decrease the working speed of belt to prolong the cooling and drying time. During the pelletizing process, temperature and pressure of biomass pellets are quite high. For the newly-produced pellets, their water content is generally out of standard and they are not suitable for immediate packaging.

When water content lowers to 14%, you can package them into bags and store them in dry and ventilated bin. All the above are key links closely related with the pellet quality. If you control them well, the pellets can really satisfy the demands for using as husbandry feeds.

By taking the above measures into effective use, we can improve the overall coordinating performance of saw dust pellet machine and reduce the failure rate. Besides, we can make the limited power be effectively used. For the whole industry, these measures make the sawdust pellet mill more and more advanced and make the agricultural industry run better and better.

According to different demands of customers, we produce different kinds of sawdust pellet mill. As long as you leave your material kind on our website, you can get the suitable model and corresponding price!

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