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Working Technologies of Current Sawdust Pellet Mill

In recent years, technologies of sawdust pellet mill develop quite fast. While, most of saw dust pellet machine have problems like low working efficiency, poor molding rate and high failure rate. These problems seriously influence the development of sawdust pellet mill. To solve this problem, FTM China Machinery produces the advanced 9SYH-series saw dust pellet machine.

saw dust pellet machine

This machine can process agricultural materials like paddy, corn, wheat, bean, peanut and potato into briquettes, also forestry materials like saw dust, tree skin and edible fungus. Except by producing the sawdust pellet mill, we also produce the wood pellet mill and all kinds of production lines.

By studying the structure of key parts like ring die and optimizing the key technological parameters, we choose to put the ring die from vertically to flatly. Being coarsely processed by hay cutter and rubbing machine, raw materials of sawdust pellet mill do not feed to be further fermented and can be directly pressed. So, working efficiency of saw dust pellet machine is very high.

Agricultural straws are not easy to adhere together. Based on this feature, we can control the water content of agricultural materials into certain scope. By optimizing the structural parameters of die holes, controlling the relative motion clearance and improving the working pressure, we can improve the pelletizing rate to 85% higher and lower the energy consumption to 35kw.t/h smaller. In a word, the whole economic benefits can be improved a lot.

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