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How Extrusion Force Work for Sawdust Pellet Mill?

When materials pass through the ring die of sawdust pellet mill, mutual extrusion force between ring die and press roller produces and overcomes the resistance for raw materials to pass through the die holes. If ring dies are similar, wider the diameter of press roller, greater the scope for triangle extrusion range between press roller and ring die.

saw dust pellet machine

Theoretically, the diameter of press roller can be the largest. Only so, extrusion time and effect can be the best. During the working period of sawdust pellet mill, acting force between press roller and ring die passes on through the principal axis, main shaft bearing and race rotation.

Mechanical structure of the above parts is very thick and big and they are just used in the large-sized saw dust pellet machine. The extrusion force between two press rollers is in balance on the head of principal axis. The counter-acting forces on ring die are set off between each other.

Pressure on principal axis, bearing and race rotation is very small and the whole structure is very compact. So the sawdust pellet mill is the most used in agricultural industry. According to the experience, ratio between external diameter of press roller and inner diameter of ring die is confirmed to be 0.475.

For sawdust pellet mill used to process the fibrous materials like sawdust and wood dust, its force difference between press roller and ring die needs the principal axis, roller bearing and race rotation to set off. Therefore, structure of the above parts should be strengthened. See price on website!

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