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Discussions on Ring Die of Saw Dust Pellet Machine

Ring die is to the sawdust pellet mill just likes the heart to a man. How important the ring die is and i think you have a clear understanding. The following content will discuss about the ring die. After confirming the dimension parameter, we need to select the textures for making ring die of sawdust pellet mill.

saw dust pellet machine

Performance of textures can directly influence the strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of ring die. Textures used to make ring die are commonly the carbon structural steels, alloy structure steel and stainless steel. For the carbon structural steel, it is now rare in market due to the poor abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance.

As to the alloy structure steel, it is the 20CrMnTi. After being treated with heat and surface carburization, hardness of alloy structure steel is higher than 50. Its mechanical property is very good. But, it is gradually sifted out by the market since it is very poor in resisting the corrosion.

Stainless steel is made of 4Cr13. Its rigidity and tenacity are very good. Heat treatment on stainless steel adopts the integral quenching and its hardness is larger than HRC50. It is good at resisting the wear and corrosion. So the service life is very long. In a word, the stainless steel is the most qualified material used to make ring die.

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